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In the context of the 21st century’s increasing development marked by technological advancements and globalization, the cultivation of skills for students has become exceedingly crucial. On April 25, 2024, the Faculty of Language and the Department of Scientific Research at Tan Tao University successfully organized the seminar “21st Century Skills for Students: the 4C’s,” drawing the participation of over 70 students and faculty members.

The keynote speaker at the seminar, Ms. Camille Williams, a U.S. Department of State English Language Fellow, brought forth profound insights and experiences regarding education and human development. Through the seminar, Ms. Williams elucidated the significance and role of four essential skills in the modern era, commonly referred to as “The 4C’s”: Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity. She emphasized the necessity of integrating these skills into curricula and teaching methodologies. Additionally, Ms. Williams discussed the opportunities and challenges students will encounter when utilizing these skills in real-world settings.

It is hoped that the knowledge and ideas gained from this seminar will be applied in educational practice, contributing to the enhancement of educational quality and preparing the younger generation for a successful and sustainable future.