Truong Thi Thanh Truc (Class of 2012-2016, English Studies)

As an ambitious newly graduate student, in 2012, possessing equal measures of ambition, eagerness and trepidation, I embarked on the Bachelor Degree in English at Tan Tao University. Looking back, I cannot say how much I appreciate and feel grateful for what TTU has helped to shape my understanding, learning and value. The program of the Humanities and Languages significantly enhanced my language knowledge and skills as well as readiness to become a useful citizen.

The BA equipped me with not only the theoretical but also the practical aspects of modules taught. I had an opportunity to discover English from the most ancient origin of it. Studying English modules was not simply a learning experience, it was an experience of going back in time and critically answering the historical questions that helps me effectively communicate and understand people as well as the societies. Throughout the courses, we often had intensive group work to develop team working and critical thinking skills.

The years I studied at TTU remain one of the most inspiring, influential and striking experiences of my personal life and career. After graduating, I had the special privilege to become an Academic Coordinator of IVYPREP Education working closely with teachers and students to ensure teaching and learning quality. The professional performance I have got proves the good foundation I received from the BA program and I could not ask for a better one.