Dr. Nhon Thanh Dang

Mr. Nhon Dang has been teaching English for 20 years in a variety of contexts and levels, from a high school for the gifted in a Mekong Delta area to a college and then a university.

In 2009, Mr. Nhon won a Fulbright scholarship, which enabled him to pursue his Master's program at Minnesota State University, Minnesota, USA. While studying for his Master's degree in the United States, Mr. Nhon was active in outreach activities organized by international student and scholar service offices and by other student associations to local schools and community groups in Mankato, Minnesota, where the university is located. Additionally, he won a special supplemental grant for Fulbright students from South East Asia for enhancing educational or professional goals. Mr. Nhon's research includes TESOL, Linguistics, Interference Errors, and Cognitive Grammar.