An Intensive Summer English Course for New Students

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In order to help prospective students keep pace with the trend of globalization and meet the demand for the extensive use of English in academic and non-academic environments, School of Humanities & Languages, Tan Tao University (TTU) has designed the Summer English Course 2018. This is an intensive English course that prepares students for their academic studies at TTU, mainly focusing on those who have been admitted to TTU and those who wish to access and experience the American standard liberal arts education at TTU.

The course is like a “common house” for new students to experience effective learning methods in the university environment. Attending the class, students are not only equipped with skills and methods of learning English efficiently but become more confident and proactive in handling English communication problems as well. The class members will no longer hesitate to speak English in front of the crowd, will confidently present their opinion, and share ideas in English under the guidance and support of experienced and dedicated TTU instructors.

In addition, the course also equips and develops the soft skills which are essential for students to integrate into a dynamic international college life through designed classes such as university study skills, efficient teamwork skills, time management, communication skills, and other academic skills. Students will be trained on these skills by participating in extra-curricular activities, joining English clubs, and meeting TTU alumni who are currently working in multinational corporations.

English classes combine the knowledge and practical exercises to create an environment for students to actively exchange and present ideas and discuss those issues with their instructors and classmates.

This interactive learning approach helps instructors identify the strengths as well as weaknesses of individual students so that they can timely support the student. It is a necessary foundation to prepare students for years of academic studies ahead as well as essential soft skills to succeed in a dynamic learning environment at TTU.

This year, the English class will be held from July 17th to August 18th. Students who would like to apply to TTU for their academic studies and other students across Vietnam who are interested in this English course are expected to register for the course now via e-mail:

Wish you all the best of luck in your college life ahead!