Choose to Study with A Native English Teacher

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– by John Baratki


Choosing a teacher to study English with can be a difficult choice to make. Whether it is a native speaker of English or a non-English teacher, each teacher has their own strengths, experience and style of teaching. If you decide to choose a native English teacher, being such, you will be exposed to a wide range of idioms, dialect, slang, and a more extensive vocabulary than with a native-native speaker. Bear in mind however, that while too much slang is never recommended, it can help you to understand what your conversation is about. Conversation with a native speaker will give you an insight into the culture of English-speaking countries as well as the teacher’s opinion on traditions and local norms. Native speakers are well versed in all sorts of English language subjects and as such can make your learning experience extraordinarily rich with a wide variety of vocabulary and topics.

A native English speaker will teach the language in a more zestful way with less emphasis on grammar and other more tedious subjects. However, the most important aspect of conversation with a native speaker is the correct pronunciation that you will learn and of course a native accent. What could be better than learning to speak English with an American or a teacher from the UK?

At the end of the day the most important characteristic of your native English teacher is his or her passion for teaching. Passion is contagious and makes the student more excited about learning, which in turn causes the lesson to become something fun. Many native English teachers have chosen to teach because they are passionate about sharing their knowledge and have a love of the language. Learning from someone who so clearly loves what he or she does certainly make the learning process more enjoyable.

What are your thoughts and experiences? How has your English learning so far been affected by your teacher, whether native or non-native?

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Teacher John